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Debate question compares Aleppo to Holocaust. Hillary confirms no-fly zone and leverage against Russia [Video]

It was loaded question, trying to connect the liberation of Aleppo from Al Qaeda to the WW2 Holocaust. This is meant to further sway US public opinion in favor of US intervention in Syria.

Hillary Clinton calls Russia “aggressors”. She says Russia has decided “it’s all in, in Syria”

HRC said she “stood up to Russia” and “Putin”, and that the US needs to place a no-fly zone in Syria, while pushing for a war crimes investigation against Syrians and Russians.

Much like Hillary Clinton was investigated for her war crimes in Libya?

Hillary Clinton says that Russia is trying to destroy Aleppo in order to eliminate “the last of the Syrian rebels who are really holding out against the Assad regime. Russia hasn’t paid any attention to ISIS, they’re interested in keeping Assad in power.”

The internationally recognized Syrian government, trying to liberate East Aleppo from Al Qaeda occupiers, not “rebels holding out against Assad.”

Russia has been invited by the Syrian government to be in Syria, legal under international law. The United States is not invited and is operating illegally in Syria. And yes, Russia wants to save the Assad government as it is the only stabilizing force in the country.

Is HRC advocating it is better to have Al Qaeda or a black ISIS flag flying over Damascus?

“I advocate today for a no-fly zone and safe zones. We need some leverage against the Russians.”

Leverage meaning what exactly…war, sanctions, NATO carpet bombing of Syria?

“We have to work more closely with our allies and partners on the ground”.

This means working closely with Al Qaeda and ISIS, because they are the forces on the ground fighting Assad.

Make no doubt about it…a Hillary presidency will lead to certain war with Russia. Hillary is all in to save the US government’s Al Qaeda proxy army from certain annihilation at the hands of Russia, Syria and Iran.

Meanwhile Trump says that Hillary “has no idea who the rebels are.”

The rebels being Al Qaeda and ISIS…and Hillary knows exactly who they are.

Trump concluded with this statement…

“She wants to fight for rebels, there is only one problem, you don’t even know who the rebels are, what’s the purpose.”

Moderator then freaks out as Trump is about to blow the lid off of the US Syrian war lie…

“And one thing I have to say, I don’t like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS, Russia is killing ISIS, and Iran is killing ISIS.”

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