US Congresswoman demands US government stop communicating with Russia

Democrat lawmaker says, “It’s inappropriate to have any contact with the Russians”

On CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) said that any contact with the Russians is inappropriate.

We have entered a twilight zone, cold war time warp where any contact with the Russians is now inappropriate and treasonous, in the eyes of Democrats and liberal left snowflakes.

Full Transcript via TownHall

JAKE TAPPER: Congresswoman, Attorney General Sessions said he was recusing himself from the matter but obviously played a leading role in the firing of Comey, he’s playing a leading role in the hiring of his replacement. Do you have concerns about that?

REP. STEPHANIE MURPHY (D), FLORIDA: Absolutely I do have concerns about that. We know that Attorney General Sessions recused himself because he had had contact with Russian government officials and I’m somebody who has had one of the highest clearances in this country and I know that —

TAPPER: You used to serve at the Pentagon.

MURPHY: That’s correct.

And I know that there’s no such thing as appropriate contact with a hostile foreign government, and so he’s recused himself from the Russian investigation. I don’t believe that he should be involved in selecting the FBI director. We need to have somebody who is beyond reproach in that position.

By the way, the panel on CNN also included head neocon, and the man behind the US Iraq WMD war, Bill Kristol.

We are witnessing the complete merger of the neocon right with the snowflake liberal left.

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