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US Congressman: “DNI, SecDef, and SecState provided zero real evidence” of chemical attack in Syria (Video)

A correspondent from the Russia 24 TV channel found one of the Syrian boys seen in the White Helmets’ footage.

It is now confirmed…the entire US/UK/France attack on Syria over chemical weapons was based on social media. What a tragic joke and embarrassment for Trump/May/Macron.

U.S. Representative for Kentucky, Thomas Massie tweeted…

In briefing to Congress, DNI, SecDef, and SecState provided zero real evidence. Referenced info circulating online. Which means either they chose not to provide proof to Congress or they don’t have conclusive proof that Assad carried out gas attack. Either way, not good.

Meanwhile one of the boys who was in the hospital opened up about the hoax that was the latest chemical weapons attack in Syria.

The father of the boy says that jihadists lured children into the staged event by offering cookies…

“They gave dates & cookies to kids at Douma hospital”

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