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United States drops 142 places to 158th most corrupt country in 2016 Global Transparency Index

If Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States then you are looking at an America that will rank towards the bottom of the corruption index.

America’s instant corruption, ushered in by a Hillary presidency, will rank it alongside Haiti, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Libya…countries that Clinton should be familiar with, given she helped destroy each of them in her own unique way.


Rank Country/territory 2015 Score
154 Yemen 18
158 Haiti 17
158 United States 17
158 Venezuela 17
161 Iraq 16
161 Libya 16
163 Angola 15
163 South Sudan 15
165 Sudan 12
166 Afghanistan 11
167 Korea (North) 8
167 Somalia 8

How will a Hillary presidency engage in future wars and interventions if it cannot use its go to excuse of “ridding nations of corrupt leaders?” Will the Clinton machine think of a new excuse to wage “humanitarian wars?”

How will future Maidans and color revolutions be organized by Soros and his NGOs. The “corruption” story line will need to be crossed out of the bullet list of grievances the next time The Open Society Foundation organizes its professional agitators to take to the streets.

How will the western mainstream media cope with a script that cannot use “corruption” and “graft” as the central excuse to demonize a country and its leaders.

How will “moderate rebels” destabilize sovereign nations, and create utter chaos. Will American history books need to be rewritten so as to avoid branding Saddam, Gaddafi, Yanukovych, and Assad as “corrupt dictators.”

From now on will leaders that “have to go” simply be called “bad guys” or “mean dudes”, because the US cannot brand those it wishes to remove “corrupt”…that would be blatantly hypocritical.

A victory for Hillary Clinton will mean America has elected one of the most historically corrupt leaders in modern times to the highest office in the land…no exaggeration, just go through the Wikileaks emails.

The level of corruption, collusion and obstruction of justice perpetrated by the Clinton’s is unparalleled in breadth and scope.

It spans decades, corrodes everything it touches, and makes a mockery of everything America should stand for.

Hillary’s got everyone in the tank, dragging her towards the finish line and into the oval office. The DOJ, the FBI, the DNC, CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood, Beyonce, LeBron, Blitzer, Obama, Michelle…the corruption is deep.

Electing Hillary Clinton will mean America can never play the corruption card ever again. No more wars to remove corrupt dictators. No more bombs to kill corrupt leaders. No more White House press conferences calling other presidents corrupt.

Come to think of it…maybe a Hillary Presidency is not such a bad thing after all.

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