Unbelievable but true: Students in Cyprus are protesting against the high cost of state schools, which are free

Following this line of logic, we imagine Cypriots students are protesting to have the state pay them to attend classes?

Unfortunately for the students, Cyprus is flat broke and feeding off the tit of the IMF…so don’t expect cash payments to secondary school kids any time soon.

CoincidentlyCypriot 15-year-olds were the worst in Europe last year when it came to sciences, second worst in math, and had the third worst reading skills among EU member states, according to a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Programme for International Student Assessment.

Via the Cyprus Mail:

‘We are protesting because our parents are paying too much for free schooling,’ could be the slogan of these silly teenagers who have decided to copy the union militancy of their teachers who regularly stage work stoppages to protest against something or other.

To its credit, the ministry issued a statement expressing its disapproval of the boycott call and warned that students who missed class would be debited with a school absence. Even better, would have been to punish them with an hour’s detention after the end of school but we doubt such a punishment is used at state schools because teachers are not prepared to stay after school for an hour and supervise detentions.

Nevertheless, the ministry made it clear that it would not put up with this nonsense from teenagers who think the union activism they have been taught by their teachers and our union-dominated society is a good thing. In its announcement it listed the different ways it was helping students from poor families – free snacks, free bus passes, €400 subsidy for the purchase of a PC, subsidy for school clothes and bag among other things.

So what was the justification for the call of the boycott by the so-called Pancyprian Co-ordinating Committee of Students? Were they demanding that all students were given a free bus pass and a subsidy for a PC perhaps? It would be no surprise in this appalling entitlement culture, promoted by unions and parties. The kids are following the poisonous example set by grown-ups, particularly their teachers, whose only concern is what they can squeeze out of the state.

One word…spoiled!


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