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UN envoy Nikki Haley has seen the future: A chemical weapons attack will happen in Syria and Assad did it (Video)

The galactically stupid, and now psychic, US envoy to the United Nation, Nikki Haley is ready to attack Syria for a Chemical Weapons attack that she is somehow certain will take place in Idlib any day now.

Speaking during a UN press briefing, Haley was visibly upset that the internationally recognized Syrian government has the audacity to take over and govern Syria. Haley somehow figured that Syria is best governed, not by the secular government voted into office, but by the black-flag waving, head-chopping jihadists imported into the country via Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan some seven year ago.

During her rant, Haley stated that she is positive that Assad will be behind a chemical weapons attack (yet to happen, but certain to happen), and Russia will be complicit in such an action.

Everyone knows that as you are winning the war, and liberating your country, a smart leader will naturally gas the very citizens he is liberating, so as to draw the United States into the conflict, after the United States has forewarned that they will attack should a chemical weapons attack occur. Makes perfect sense.

“If they want to continue to go the route of taking over Syria, they can do that,” said Nikki Haley at a UN press conference today, without explaining how a nation’s only recognized government can ‘take over’ the country it governs.

“But they cannot do it with chemical weapons. They can’t do it assaulting their people. And we’re not gonna fall for it. If there are chemical weapons that are used, we know exactly who’s gonna use them.”

Cue the White Helmets to begin setting things up for what may be their final, and finest, chemical weapons false flag production to date.

Nikki Haley, John Bolton, and even POTUS Trump, have given them the green light to get the production rolling.

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By Caitlin Johnstone via…

Haley was referring to the Syrian government’s impending push to complete its military campaign of recapturing its land from the terrorist factions and militias who, with extensive help from the US and its allies, have been holding communities hostage in a failed attempt to take over Syria. Her supernatural prophecy is just the latest in an increasingly bizarre string of claims being advanced by political figures and establishment media that the Assad government is planning to use chemical weapons to complete that campaign in Idlib.

Their narrative is that the Russian government’s warnings of a plot by the Al Qaeda-linked terrorist factions occupying the region to stage a chemical weapons attack and frame the Syrian government for it are actually just a preemptive “smoke screen” to allow them to get away with committing war crimes. When Haley said “we’re not gonna fall for it,” this is the ‘it’ she was referring to.

So let’s unpack that a bit. I’m going to propose two different possibilities to you, and you decide for yourself which one is the more likely event to occur in the future:

Possibility 1: The actual, literal terrorist factions occupying Idlib are on the cusp of defeat with nowhere to escape to. They know for a fact that the US and its allies have launched repeated attacks on the Syrian government following chemical weapons allegations without first waiting for an investigation into those allegations. They also know for a fact that multiple high level officials in the western alliance have stated they will carry out aggressive attacks against the Syrian government in retaliation for any perceived chemical weapons attacks, and, thanks to the public prognostications from Madame Haley’s crystal ball, they also know that the Syrian government has already been assigned blame for any such attack in advance. Knowing all of these things, with their backs against the wall with the absolute certainty that getting the western military alliance on their side is their last and only chance, they get their hands on some chemical weapons and kill some of the civilians they’ve captured.

Possibility 2: On the cusp of victory, the Assad government decides to do the one thing that risks a US-led regime change military intervention in order to accomplish the crucial strategic masterstroke of killing a few kids with chlorine or sarin in front of a bunch of White Helmets cameras.

While you are weighing those two options, consider for a moment the fact that the US and its allies have an extensive history of attempting to control who governs Syria, and indeed plotted to create a violent uprising exactly as it occurred in 2011. Not after the violence had already started, but years in advance.

This is not my opinion, and it is not a conspiracy theory. It is a known fact that you can verify for yourself:

  • Here is a 2006 WikiLeaks cable in which the US government is seen exploring possible factions which could be incentivized to rise up against Assad, and ways in which psyops could be used to ensure widespread violence.
  • Here is a declassified CIA memo from 1986 in which the Central Intelligence Agency is seen exploring ways in which sectarian tensions can be inflamed to provoke a violent uprising in Syria. Here is a useful articlefeaturing excerpts from the memo showing some jarring parallels between what was being planned and what happened a quarter century later.
  • Here is a video clip of General Wesley Clark naming Syria among the countries scheduled by the Pentagon for regime change in the wake of 9/11.
  • Here is a video clip of the former Foreign Minister of France stating in plain language that he was informed by British government insiders in 2009 that a violent Syrian uprising was being planned, two years before the violence erupted.
  • Here is an article featuring a video of the former Qatari Prime Minister stating that the US and its allies were involved in the violence from the very beginning.
  • Here is an article from May of 2011 reporting on some of the extremely suspicious provocations that led to the outbreak of widespread violence. Here’s another from March 2011. Here’s another from December 2011.

You get the picture. If a man had documented his plans to murder his wife with an axe, and those plans were found after his wife turned up dead of axe wounds exactly as he’d planned them, and multiple people in the area said they’d heard him murdering her with an axe, the primary suspect in that case would not be the neighbor’s cat.

The violence in Syria was planned and orchestrated years in advance, and now hundreds of thousands of human beings are dead as a direct result. And these monsters are now pretending to be concerned about human rights?

No. Get out of Syria, you absolute ghouls. Everyone responsible for perpetrating and sustaining these horrors should spend the rest of their lives in a Hague cell. If there is a chemical weapons attack as the Syrian government moves to recapture Idlib, the last people anyone should believe is the psychopathic governments who are responsible for this catastrophe in the first place.

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AM Hants
AM Hants
September 8, 2018

Is this what Mystic Nikki is on about? So hope Syria and Russia manage to capture those involved, with everything they wish to use, before it kicks off. Is that why the SDF got so violent with the Syrian Intelligence Forces? Chemical Weapons Provocation in Syria to Start September 8 – Russian MoD… “The scenarios for the filming of staged ‘incidents’ with the alleged use of poisonous substances by Syrian government troops against civilians in the settlements of Jisr Al-Shugur, Serakab, Taftanaz, and Sarmin were finally agreed upon during the meeting. The full readiness of all participants involved in carrying… Read more »

September 8, 2018

trumps tramp

john vieira
john vieira
September 8, 2018

“Cue; the white helmets to begin setting things up for what may be the final, and finest chemical weapons false flag production to date.” For damn sure…and Christian captives, especially children WILL die – sacrifices to the “evil”- and their blood is squarely on the likes of Haley…who are either malignant or stupid or both. As if the people of Syria not suffered enough from their transgressions…these despicable inhuman beings are wont to prolong the war to serve their OWN selfish miserable purposes….Russia HAS to draw the line NOW…procrastinating will only encourage more idiocy and could well lead to WW… Read more »

John R. Nolan
John R. Nolan
September 8, 2018

Why do we, the public, so blatantly display our moral, political ignorance, our willingness to allow these psychotic morons, who have taken control of our world, continue their wicked ways?
When, or IF, will there be a social uprising, to rid the world of Amazia and her fake Jew controllers?
It is time for the citizens to stop these power crazed idiots from their attack on the human race and let we, the innocent citizens, get on with our lives without their wretched interruptions?

Rick Oliver
Rick Oliver
September 8, 2018

What happens at these so called UN press releases , does no one even query her stupid regurgitations , do they all just nod in agreement as if she`s right ?

September 8, 2018

So…Niki Haley was a member of the CIA’s “Stargate Project?” Really? She was a “remote viewer?”

Robert Harbord Hamond
Robert Harbord Hamond
September 9, 2018

Nikky Haley should try to use less chemicals before going on air.

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