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UK’s doofus Foreign Secretary tells BBC they will hand over nerve agent “evidence” to UN

Boris Johnson is digging himself a big hole by pushing this poisoning hoax.

The Deep State has decided to place Boris Johnson front and center, acting as their useful idiot, to push the Novichok hoax to the British mainstream media, starting with UK state owned BBC.

Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, UK Foreign Secretary Johnson said experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) would arrive in the UK on Monday to test samples of the substance.

Johnson went on to accuse Russia of stockpiling the chemical, claiming that the UK has evidence…collected over the past 10 years” that Moscow has been developing nerve agents “for the purpose of committing murder.”

We can’t wait to see how Boris will spin up evidence spanning 10 years.

Maybe he will produce some grainy black and white satellite pics showing a couple of buildings “labeled” as Novichok labs…continuing in the footsteps of Colin Powell’s WMD UN speech, that opened the door for an illegal US/UK invasion of Iraq.

Via RT

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Saturday dismissed the claim that the nerve agent, thought to be a Soviet-era invention, was a Russian “project.” She said that in post-Soviet times it is countries such as the UK, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and possibly the US, that studied the substance with keen interest and could have been the origin for the toxin used in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia.

The results of testing by the OPCW are expected to take a “minimum of two weeks,” the Foreign Office said in a statement.

Moscow has repeatedly requested access to samples of the nerve agent used to poison Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, but has not been granted any, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The UK’s failure to send a request to Moscow over the Skripal case via OPCW channels points to a lack of legal basis for a proper probe, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted on Friday, referring to Johnson’s allegations that Russia and even President Vladimir Putin himself were behind the plot to poison the Skripals.

“The fact that they [UK officials] categorically reject to file an official request and deliberately and arrogantly fan anti-Russian rhetoric in the public sphere bordering on hysteria, indicates that they clearly understand they have no formal pretext to go down a legal road,” Lavrov said.

While Johnson said that London would allow the international OPCW experts in The Hague to review the British analysis of the sample, the UK refuses to enact the mechanism in the OPCW that calls for a thorough investigation, the Russian FM noted. He added that “if you appeal to this organization, you must comply with the provisions of the convention that stipulate filing a request to us, because we are suspected of being a country of origin and even the country which had used this poisoning agent, and, providing us with samples of this agent, so we, together with OPCW experts, can analyze it.”

Russia’s ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko, told RT on Friday that the UK is using the Skripal case to divert attention from Brexit issues. “In order to divert attention from Brexit, the UK has to present something to the public to move [the focus] a little bit to the other side,” the Russian envoy told RT’s Anastasia Churkina.

According to Yakovenko, Britain views the poisoning of the ex-double agent as a “possibility to launch this anti-Russian campaign.”

“This is a scenario that was written in London but it’s a short-sighted scenario because, in the long run, Britain will have to explain what is behind all these things in Salisbury,” he added.


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