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UK will begin training and arming “moderate rebels” (aka ISIS-Al Qaeda) in Syria

The UK can’t seem to let the Syrian war draw to a close. The UK Ministry of Defense will restart its “moderate rebels” training program for Syria.

In other words, the UK will train (yet again) thousands of more jihadist terrorists to go fuel the flames of war in Syria.

The terrorists trained by the UK will either be ground up in the Russian/Syrian/Iranian anti-terror operation…or the UK trained trained terrorists will take their “English learned” skills and UK made weapons, back into Europe (under Merkel’s invitation), to wreak havoc on western infidels.

UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon will announce the decision to train and fund, soon-to-be, Al Qaeda-ISIS fighters on Tuesday.

Fallon said roughly 20 UK military trainers will be deployed to Syria or neighboring countries in order to…

–“provide vetted members of the moderate Syrian opposition with the skills they need to continue to take the fight to Islamic State.”

“All volunteers from the moderate opposition will be subject to strict vetting procedures and will receive training in international humanitarian law. Trainees will be security and medically screened prior to the start of training and will be assessed during and monitored after training.”

Sputnik News reports on the ongoing effort by the US and its vassal states to continue the illegal war in Syria by any means necessary…

The training is reported to include basic infantry drills and battlefield medicine, as well as skills to avoid mines and booby-traps, according to the text of the upcoming announcement. The program was put on hold in 2015, after it became known that very few of the fighters trained in Turkey by western instructors succeeded in their mission, having either been killed by Daesh or Nusra front jihadists, or surrendering, along with all of their brand-new US-supplied weapons and communications gear.

The US participation in the Syrian moderate-opposition training program spent a reported $500 million on the program and was shut down by US President Barack Obama after it was detailed that the program, aimed at delivering some 15,000 skilled fighters to the front, produced only a handful of soldiers. US commanders acknowledged that they struggled to find militants who would agree to only fight Daesh, and not the Syrian army.

The number of “moderate rebels” that the US did manage to successfully train were, according to General Austin, about 4 or 5 fighters. We wonder were the rest of the 15,000 “skilled moderate rebels” went (hint: ISIS, Al Qaeda)?

The UK Ministry of Defense is under the illusion and delusion that moderate-opposition can actually be manufactured.

Everyone with half a brain is well aware that the any trained rebels who do manage to survive in the field of battle almost certainly defect to ISIS, Al Qaeda, or even both.

They take their UK/US weapons with them…Rinse and repeat….



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