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UK FM, Boris Johnson, says “no evidence” of Russian hacking, but “Russians are capable of doing that”

UK Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson is no stranger to fumbling over his words and flip flopping on policy.

The UK FM is trying to prop up Russian aggression and election meddling, but simply cannot, deferring to the logic that while “no evidence” exists on Russian election meddling, the Russians do have the capability to meddle.

Using Boris logic, so does the UK and the US. The Vault 7 Wikileaks release proved that the CIA has the capability, to not only meddle in every electronic gadget on the planet, but can make it look like foreign entities (i.e. Russians) did it.

Zerohedge reports

Echoing the numerous initial comments from various US intelligence probes, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told British ITV that “we have no evidence the Russians are actually involved in trying to undermine our democratic processes…”

Remarkably, Johnson made these statements just weeks before his visit to Russia, during which he will meet with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. His visit would be the first made to Moscow by a British Foreign Minister in five years. When asked what the UK’s approach to Russia should be now, he said that Britain needs to take “a twin-track approach” towards Russia. “As the prime minister has said, we’ve got to engage but we have to beware,” Johnson stated.

Johnson was quick to walk back his comments saying…“But what we do have is plenty of evidence that the Russians are capable of doing that.”

Johnson then said that Russians “have been up to all sorts of dirty tricks.”

By “dirty tricks” we imagine that Johnson is talking about overthrowing a democratically elected government in Ukraine with far right fascist forces, droning Pakistani civilians, bombing Yemeni schools and hospitals at the behest of Saudi Arabia, destroying Libya, arming ISIS and Al Qaeda to try and destroy a secular Syria, and of course the illegal invasion of Iraq under false WMD claims…oh wait, that was not Russia.

RT reports that Boris Johnson constantly alluded to “solid proof” that Russia had meddled in the affairs of other countries, but he failed to provide any evidence to back up his accusations.

Johnson also implicated that Russia was involved in the situation in Montenegro, where a group of Serbian nationalists was arrested in October of 2016 suspected of planning to carry out armed attacks on the day of the country’s parliamentary elections.

The British Telegraph newspaper later reported that the group was sponsored and controlled by the Russian intelligence officers and had actually tried to stage a coup targeting its Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic with “the support and blessing” of Moscow.

However, the paper’s report turned out to be based mostly on the assumptions of unidentified sources and Montenegrin Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime, Milivoje Katnic, confirmed that, despite the participation of several suspected “nationalists from Russia,” there was no “evidence that the state of Russia is involved in any sense.”

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