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Uber PC Canada Flips Out As PM Justin Trudeau Nudges Female MP

Oh Canada, Oh Canada. Stop freaking out. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau barely touched the female member of parliament. It actually looks like he didn’t even see her, or notice he had nudged her a bit.

Of course everyone in PC super state Canada is freaking out at the incident. Trudeau even apoligized in the most sorry of ways…for bumping into a colleague.

Even super liberal, progressive media outlet The Young Turks could not find fault with Trudeau.

The headlines in Canada read like this was some sort of scandalous event. This is how HeatStreet described scale of violence that plagues Canada’s Parliament:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in big trouble after he appeared to elbow a female member of parliament in the chest and “manhandle” several others during a testy conflagr-eh?-tion in the Canadian House of Commons.

“What kind of man elbows a woman? It’s pathetic!” one Canadian lawmaker can be heard yelling at the baby-faced prime minister.

Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the politician on the receiving end of Trudeau’s elbow, was so upset she had to leave chamber, and demanded that Trudeau “apologize unreservedly.” Brosseau’s colleague, Niki Ashton, said she was “ashamed” to witness the “deeply traumatic” incident, using language most American college students would find familiar.

“What I will say, if we apply a gendered lens, it is very important that young women in this space feel safe to come here and work here,” Ashton said. “[Trudeau] made us feel unsafe and we’re deeply troubled by the conduct of the prime minister of this country.”

Trudeau later apologized, Canadianly, for taking an “unadvisable…course of action [that] resulted in physical contact.”

The 44-year-old prime minister and self-professed feminist and trained boxer has become an object of lusty affection to American liberals who wish Barack Obama could run again and are tired of pretending to be excited about Hillary Clinton.

Many were outraged at Trudeau’s actions, which were described by another MP as a “physical molestation.”

“Physical molestation”…oh please. Any rational, normal person can see from the video that there was barely any contact. I have more bumps and bruises riding the metro every morning…but in a politically correct super state like Canada, female MPs are apparently made of glass.

True to feminist form (entitlement and privilege, above logic and common sense) MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau demanded that Trudeau “apologize unreservedly.”

And so PM Trudeau apologized (for doing nothing), as the leader of Canada kissed the ring of the feminist, liberal mafia in the most pathetic of ways.

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