Two years later, Cyprus will finally lift all capital controls imposed after the EU decided to raid Cyprus bank accounts

Well the greatest bank robbery in history is finally coming to an end. After the European Union, Wall Street Bankers, and Cypriot politicians managed to empty the coffers of Cypriot citizen’s cash deposits in 2013 (then place capital controls to make sure no panic capital flight ensued)…Cyprus’s President Anastasiades has announced that capital controls will be lifted in their entirety.

And now Cypriots can get back to business in what has become a poorer, more unemployed, EU debtor nation.

What a robbery it was…taking place over a three day weekend, tipping off insiders like the Prez. himself (who managed to wire a cool 21 million euros to London two weeks before the raid), and then locking down all accounts so that no “ordinary folks” could manage to save what savings they had left.

It was a brilliant shakedown. Needless to say EU oligarchs and IMF sharks immediately stepped in to dish out austerity memorandums, while purchasing assets on the cheap.

Anastasiades is hailing the full lifting of capital controls as a victory.

What exactly Cyprus has won is beyond most thinking people. A thorough hollowing out of the economy and a new life as a debt slave to a bunch of corrupt suits in Brussels…VICTORY???

Via Cyprus Mail…

President Nicos Anastasiades said on Friday all capital controls imposed on the island in 2013 to stem a cash flight will be lifted on Monday.

“The lifting of the last restrictions marks the final restoration of confidence in our banking system,” Anastasiades said during a news conference.

Cyprus introduced the controls in April 2013 to prevent outflows after a chaotic bailout forced the closure of one bank, and a second bank seized deposits to recapitalise.

It was the first time controls were imposed in the history of the eurozone.

It has since lifted all domestic controls but despite being eased significantly, some restrictions remain on international transactions.


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