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Jimmy Dore videos expose “Russian hacker” lie and how MSNBC is trying to walk back its propaganda

The ‘Russian hacker’, ‘Russian election meddling’, ‘Trump-Putin collusion’, Hillary Clinton concocted lie to explain away her pathetic election loss to Trump, is now fully exposed to be a complete and utter bullshit waste of time…And now that Georgia was lost to the Republicans, after Democrats poured millions into the Ossoff campaign, some sense seems to have been injected into a Democrat party that for the last year based it’s entire platform on hating Trump and propagating Hillary’s Russiagate fairytale.

Jimmy Dore published two videos (back to back) which take the Democrats to task for their idiocy Russia distraction, which has cost them the House, the Senate, the Executive and just about every Governorship in America.

Even MSNBC Urges Democrats To Stop Talking About Russia…

Establishment Press Admitting Trump/Russia Story Probably BS…

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