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Twitter users blast Hillary Clinton “fake news” PR stunt. “She’s the queen of fake news”

Hillary Clinton came out of hiding, and as expected she did the bidding of the large corporate mainstream media, blasting the news competition as “fake news” that jeopardizes US democracy.

The way to cure the “epidemic of fake news that spread across the world” is (in Hillary Clintons’ view), legislation to censor speech.

Where is the “fake news” coming from? For Hillary Clinton it is originating in Russia, under the control of Vladimir Putin.

Who is to blame for Hillary’s election loss? “Fake news” spread around by Russia. Perhaps more military spending to curb Russian influence is needed? Maybe the Clinton Foundation can get involved?

See how easy it is for the real propagandists to connect all the dots of hysteria at the expense of our freedom.

While Hillary is able to make an appearance and fool her cult like neo-liberal followers, many people are very wise to her deception and lies…and they took to twitter to call her out.

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