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Twitter finds no evidence of meddling in UK Brexit vote.

Twitter destroys the “Russians-Did-It” Brexit narrative.

A statement by Twitter’s head of public policy to the UK Parliament appears to finally admit that the narrative focused on Russian interference on Twitter to influence the Brexit vote was completely without merit.

According to Zerohedge, rather than insinuating that pro-leave twitter users were duped by Russian agents, the company’s head of public policy told Parliamentary investigators that it was unable to confirm links to Russian sources for thousands of “bots” that are part of the parliamentary investigation. Overall, Twitter examined 13,000 Brexit bots and found that only 1% could be conclusively linked to Russia, and that most of these bots have already been suspended.

In its statement, Twitter said its findings echoed the results of a study conducted by the Oxford Internet Institute. Researchers from the institute concluded that there was little evidence linking Russia to the Brexit vote.

Finally, it appears the company has conclusively determined: The UK’s disruptive decision to leave the European Union was not the work of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Read the full OII report:

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