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Tucker: “You have to be a moron” to believe Steele dossier (Video)

The Steele dossier is completely absurd, and yet the entire US government is fixated on it.

What kind of a moron would believe the Steele dossier on Trump and Russia? Lots of Democrat and hollywood elite morons…and lots of morons at MSNBC and CNN.

It’s so transparently partisan, outrageous and full of fictitious claims, the dossier reads like a parody of a badly written spy novel.

Amazingly, the dossier is what the FBI used to justify spying on American citizens.

Tucker Carlson easily debunks the many claims that Democrats in Congress repeatedly cited as reason to stop the normal functioning of government, so that millions of tax payer dollars can be spent trying to figure out if Trump has been a Russian spy for the last 10 years.

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