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Tucker Carlson shines a light on Obama’s three wicked witches and their crimes in Libya (Video)

After what Hillary did to Gadhafi, why would any nation give up their WMD program?

The Duran ran a post today by Pat Buchanan on the North Korea standoff

Kim saw how Bush II, when it served U.S. interests, pulled out of our 30-year-old ABM treaty with Moscow. He saw how, after he gave up all his WMD to reach an accommodation with the West, Moammar Gadhafi was attacked by NATO and ended up being lynched.

He can see how much Americans honor nuclear treaties they sign by observing universal GOP howls to kill the Iranian nuclear deal and bring about ā€œregime changeā€ in Tehran, despite Iran letting U.N. inspectors roam the country to show they have no nuclear weapons program.

For Americaā€™s post-Cold War enemies, the lesson is clear:

Give up your WMD, and you wind up like Gadhafi and Saddam Hussein. Build nuclear weapons that can threaten Americans, and you get respect.

Kim Jong Un would be a fool to give up his missiles and nukes, and while the man is many things, a fool is not one of them.

Tucker Carlson speaks with Glenn Reynolds who has covered Hillary Clinton’s devastating destruction of Libya, plunging the once prosperous nation into a “slave trade” haven. Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and Hillary Clinton murderedĀ Gaddafi, bombed Libya and turned the nation into a “real mess”…and no one has been punished for their crimes.

Which brings us to North Korea, as Tucker Carlson andĀ Glenn Reynolds point out, that after seeing what Obama’s three wicked witches did to Libya, why would any nation agree to give up their WMD program?

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