Tsipras walks the line between an investment future with Russia and a debt obligation with the EU

Russian investment, especially construction and operation of the Turk Stream pipeline could mean major revenues for the Hellenic Republic. Unfortunately the European Union is dead set on making sure Greece receives little leeway and relief on its heavy Troika debt burden.

Let’s just hope that the EU does not pull a Bulgaria on Greece and torpedo Greece’s stake in the Turk Stream project. We are confident Europe will do its best to make sure Greece does not move forward on construction and operation of the pipeline…this would mean hope for Greece to finally get out from under the thumb of Germany, a no go for Merkel and Co.

Via on Ekathimerni.

Following his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, Tsipras met with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and other officials as well as with Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow.

“For Greece, Russia is an integral part of its dynamic, multifaceted foreign policy which is aimed at exploiting Greece’s geopolitical position so the country can once again gain prospects for growth and boost its role on the international stage,” Tsipras said in a speech to the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He stressed that Greece’s priority was to solve its financial problem with the eurozone. “We consider this problem facing us a common European problem and for this reason we seek a joint European solution,” he said.

Tsipras sought to clarify his indications that an initial agreement had been reached with Moscow for the extension of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, expressing respect for European legislation and support for the European projects, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB).

Tsipras’s trip to Moscow irked many European officials, though some, including European Parliament President Martin Schulz, appeared appeased on Thursday as neither Tsipras nor Putin appeared to have crossed any red lines. There was irritation in Washington too. A US State Department official told Kathimerini that now was not the right time for “business as usual” with Russia and stressed the need for unity among Europeans to stop Moscow from fueling conflict in eastern Ukraine.

And of course lets not forget America’s fixation on breaking apart Russia from any and all EU member states. The US official above fails to mention that the entire Ukraine conflict was fuelled by the US illegal coup of a democratically elected President (Nuland phone call anyone).

Tsipras will have his hands full fighting off Germany on one side and the US on the other, as he forges ahead to build an energy pipeline that will most certainly transform Greece into a South European energy hub.


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