Tsipras tells Bill Clinton…’I can deliver the changes that will Greece a more attractive place to invest’

Tsipras 3.0 is now about making Greece an attractive investment hub.

The evolution of Tsipras is astounding.

From anti-EU, anti-memorandum candidate, to the ‘saving Greece’ President by finally signing the worst austerity deal ever, to now having a mandate from the Greek people to reform Greece.

Here is Tsipras explaining his brilliant idea to “welcome” investors to Greece…to former US President Bill Clinton.

Via Ekathimerini…

Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting in New York, Tsipras told former US President Bill Clinton he believes he can deliver the changes that would make Greece a more attractive place to invest.

“After the result of the elections last Sunday, it’s very clear that the mandate of the Greek people was to have political stability for the next four years and not to continue in the same direction but to fight for the necessary reforms internally,” he said during a 30-minute discussion between the two men in front of an audience.

“It is necessary to make reforms in taxation, in the public administration and to create a friendly environment for investments,” said Tsipras.

“The message to investors is that they are welcome in Greece.”

Tsipras suggested that the agreement for a third bailout with Greece’s eurozone partners would also help attract foreign direct investment as it allays fears of a change in currency.

“This awful discussion about Grexit is over,” Tsipras told Clinton.

Earlier, the Greek prime minister spoke at the United Nations as party of a leaders’ summit on sustainable development goals. He stressed the need for debt restructuring and reprofiling to be considered for developing and developed countries.

Tsipras will remain in New York for the next few days to take part in the UN’s 70th general assembly and is due to meet with a number of international leaders during his stay in the US.


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