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Trump’s “wall” may get a lot longer if California secedes from the union. 600,000 signatures required [Map]

‘Calexit’ may be put to an actual vote if a proposal for California to break away from the USA has been submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office in the state capital.

The proposal may trigger a vote on whether the California should leave the union and become its own nation.

The group behind the Calexit proposal is called Yes California Independence Campaign.

The proposal has the go ahead from Californian Secretary of State Alex Padilla, and is now ready to begin the bid to collect some 600,000 voter signatures required to put the plan on the state ballot.

RT reports….

The initiative would ask voters to repeal part of the state constitution that declares California an “inseparable part of the United States of America.”

Being a US state is “no longer serving California’s best interests,” the movement claims.

“Not only is California forced to subsidize this massive military budget with our taxes, but Californians are sent off to fight in wars that often do more to perpetuate terrorism than to abate it. The only reason terrorists might want to attack us is because we are part of the United States and are guilty by association. Not being a part of that country will make California a less likely target of retaliation by its enemies,” the campaign argues, among other things.

“America already hates California, and America votes on emotions,” Marcus Evans, vice-president of Yes California told to the Los Angeles Times.

“I think we’d have the votes today if we held it,” he added.

Zerohedge reports that California…

–must submit the valid voter signatures by July 25 to qualify for the November 2018 ballot.

The number of Californians who would rather see their state a sovereign nation than part of the United States jumped to 32 percent, a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll showed earlier this week. In 2014, it was only 20 percent.

As the Trump administration mulls the cost (and payments) for ‘the wall’ with Mexico, some have suggested the barrier be extended a little…


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