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Trump tweets: ‘Russia must be laughing watching as the U.S. tears itself apart’

President Trump took to Twitter to begin debunking the liberal left James Comey talking points.

Finding it easy to call out the left’s hypocrisy in their recent Comey outrage (when just a few months ago the entire snowflake establishment was shouting for the FBI director’s dismissal), Trump dug out an old Rosie O’Donnell tweet, where the unhinged, former talk show host specifically said “FIRE COMEY” in December 2016…

Trump cleverly responded to the old Rosie tweet with…“We finally agree on something Rosie.”

A New York Times reporter’s reaction to Trump’s tweet, brought in Fox News’ conservative talk show host Sean Hannity and liberal left Hollywood insider Bette Midler…

And no Comey Twitterstorm would be complete without bringing up Russia, with the POTUS saying…

“Russia must be laughing up their sleeves watching as the U.S. tears itself apart over a Democrat EXCUSE for losing the election.”

Finally Zerohedge points out that “Trump is right: whether for this, or some other reason, it is safe to say that the residents of the Kremlin have been enjoying a good time recently.”

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Trump tweets: ‘Russia must be laughing watching as the U.S. tears itself apart’