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Trump speaks with NATO chief Stoltenberg, both officials “underlined the enduring importance of NATO”

Is Donald Trump walking back on some of his anti-NATO rhetoric, or was this recent “good talk” with NATO head Jens Stoltenberg an exercise in the art of the deal?

Will the President-elect and billionaire businessman leverage some good first vibes into curbing NATO’s imperialistic and violent goals.

On Friday Trump conducted a brief phone conversation with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg apparently soothing Stoltenberg’s angst about NATO’s ‘enduring importance’, and more importantly NATO’s need for increased defense spending.

Trump’s campaign rhetoric threatened NATO business machine, which put big bucks into the wallets of Stoltenberg and his globalist ilk.

Jens Stoltenberg, who has aggressively been pushing for a continued advanced of NATO forces towards Russia’s borders, said via Twitter that he had a “good talk” with Trump and that both officials “underlined the enduring importance of NATO and increased defense spending.”

Stoltenberg is not even hiding his fear anymore…he is scared shitless that Trump will cut off their big money allowance. NATO’s purpose is to enrich useless technocrats and warmongers. It’s a lucrative financial gig for those who get inside the inner circle, and those on the inside are praying a Trump presidency keeps the alliance intact and well funded.

Sputnik News further reports…

During the campaign, Trump warned repeatedly that Washington would have to review its relationship with its NATO allies, whom the candidate said weren’t paying their fair share for US security guarantees. Currently only five NATO members, including the US, the UK, Poland, Estonia and Greece spend the required 2% of GDP on defense.

Trump has also slammed NATO as an “obsolete” institution going back to the Cold War, which simply wasn’t doing the job of defending Europe and the United States from the real threats posed by Islamist extremism. During the race, European officials called Trump’s comments “dangerous and irresponsible,” with Stoltenberg himself issuing a rebuff to Trump, despite saying that he ‘didn’t want to interfere’ in the US election. In the spring, President Obama met Stoltenberg personally to reassure him of US security commitments after Trump said on the camping trail that “it’s possible that we’re going to have to let NATO go.”

Trump’s election win sent out waves of confusion over the future of NATO policy toward Russia, with the President-elect saying repeatedly that it would be “wonderful” to have good relations with Moscow. The North Atlantic Alliance has been beefing up its presence in Eastern Europe for over two years, deploying thousands of troops and heavy equipment in Poland and the Baltic states. Washington has also deployed a missile defense system at a Romanian airbase, and has plans to set up another in Poland next year. On Friday, as Stoltenberg was talking to Trump, the outgoing Obama administration promised to deploy another brigade to Europe.

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