Trump Revokes Washington Post Press Credentials. Democratic Party Consultant Blames Putin [Video]

Julie Roginsky’s ignorant, and factually false remarks at the 4:45 mark.

Donald Trump revokes The Washington Post’s press credentials, but Julie Roginsky (a Democratic Party strategist and television personality), in this video interview brings it all back to the Soviet Union, Russia, and of course Vladimir Putin.

When asked about her thoughts on Trump’s embargo of The WaPo, Roginsky had this to say:

“Banning the Washington Post for a headline that he’s not happy with, while I think the headline was somewhat unfair, doesn’t mean that the Washington Post or any other media outlet gets to be banned.

This is not the Soviet Union. I know he admires Vladimir Putin, who banned a tremendous amount of media in Russia, that president Obama…excuse me…Donald Trump would want to have happen here, but we are not Russia. This cannot happen here in this country, where you have somebody banning an outlet they do not like.”

The Soviet Union??? Roginsky’s argument falls apart right there.

Of course Roginsky has no clue about free press in Russia, and can probably not name one media outlet operating in Russia…which for her information has a thriving media and press industry consisting of many right, left and center publications.

Perhaps Julie Roginsky should cite NATO member and US ally Turkey, and sultan Erdogan, to more accurately validate her free press/Trump argument.

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