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Trump lays out his military doctrine, “We’ve spent $6 trillion in the Middle East, and our roads have potholes”

President-elect Donald Trump pledged to follow a foreign policy of restraint, and end a US military doctine that has been rooted in “intervention and chaos” overseas.

During a “Thank you” rally in Fayetteville North Carolina, Trump laid out a military doctrine that we can only hope holds true.

Neocons and Clinton neo-liberals are not going to be happy about these non-interventionist comments made by the President-elect…

– “We will stop racing to topple foreign regimes that we know nothing about that we shouldn’t be involved with. This destructive cycle of intervention and chaos must finally come to an end.”

– “We don’t want to have a depleted military because we’re all over the place fighting in areas that we shouldn’t be fighting in. It’s not going to be depleted any longer.”

– “We’ve spent, at last count, $6 trillion in the Middle East, and our roads have potholes all over, our highways are falling apart, our bridges are falling, our tunnels are no good, our airports are horrible like third world countries.”

– “We’re going to start spending on ourselves, but we’ve got to be so strong militarily like we’ve never ever been before.”

“A commitment to engage the use of military forces only when it is in the…interests of the United States. We want to strengthen old friendships and seek out new friendships. We seek harmony and goodwill among the nations of the world.”

– “In short, we seek peace through strength.”

Donald Trump used the foreign policy inspired rally to introduced General Mad Dog Mattis to the North Carolina crowd.

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