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Trump lashes out at Buzzfeed and CNN fake news, “A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!”

It did not take long for Trump to take to Twitter to call out the ridiculous and gross story about Moscow Hotel “golden showers” that Buzzfeed and CNN decided to spread around the world.

The story is now being completely debunked everywhere, but the neo-liberal news sites that ran with the unverified report, did their work for the deep state, which is in full panic mode for what will be four years of a Trump presidency.

Here is Trump’s response on Twitter…


Once again we see the President-elect taking his reaction to the “fake news” lies from CNN and Buzzfeed straight to the American people.

Matt Drudge weighed in on the “witch hunt” with his own, rare tweet…

Are corrupt US intel agencies blackmailing Trump with their own dirt cleverly tagged to ‘Russian’ operatives?

Mark Dice blasted the fake news story in a video report, noting that the liberal media…

–“are spreading a 4 Chan hoax about Donald Trump, claiming that Russia has video of him getting golden showers from prostitutes, and have blackmailed him with the tape, as if were a real story. The Fake News story was started by Buzzfeed, who fell for the fake “document” and the claims have been shamefully repeated on countless other media outlets around the world.”

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