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Trump going to war with North Korea? Mike Pence says US will “deal with North Korea”

The latest marketing mantra coming out of Washington DC following “Assad must go”, is now “if China does not deal with North Korea, we will.”

With the meme firmly in place, and all the warmongers in and around the DC establishment fully briefed on the script, all that is left is for Trump to meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, to then decide if (and when) the US will formally attack North Korea, it what will be Trump’s first war.

When discussing Trump’s upcoming meeting with Xi Jinping, VP Pence said he’s expecting a “productive discussion” about the US-China economic relationship.

Pence then added that he expects North Korea to also be on the agenda with the Chinese leader noting…

“As the president said this weekend, if China won’t deal with North Korea, we will.”

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