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Trump fooled, or did he cut a deal with neocons? Ready to go to war with Syria?

The chemical attack is clearly a false flag. The whole thing stinks.

We have debunked the attack with relative ease, as the entire promotion of the attack was poorly staged in social media, while the terrible civilian deaths were caused by ISIS chemical weapons stockpiles.

We are witnessing complete theater. Did Trump cut a deal with McCain, neocons, and the deep state to finally go along with their six year desire for regime change in Syria, and war with Assad and possibly Russia.

What is Trump getting for his compliance with the globalist/neocon agenda?

Bannon’s dismissal from the Trump’s National Security Council certainly signals a Trump change of direction towards a much darker side.

Trump reads a pre-pared statement in the video below, which certainly sounds like the beginning of a big war.

USA + ISIS vs. Russia + Assad.

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