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Trump fires back at the New York times, calls them “dishonest” and says they ‘will never change’

Trump fires back at the New York times, calls them “dishonest” and says they ‘will never change’

The Duran recently reported on The New York Times’ apology to its readers for having reported the US elections so inaccurately, and promising to rededicated itself to reporting on “America and the world” honestly.

We doubt that the NYT will actually make good on this promise.

Donald Trump also believes that the NYT will never be able to accurately and honestly report the news…they have simply been too corrupted at this point.

Perhaps it is also time to drain the “media” swamp as well. One thing is certain, NYT is losing subscribers so quickly it may not even need a Trump push to pull the paper under.

Trump followed up on the NYT’s apology tweet, saying…

“The @nytimes sent a letter to their subscribers apologizing for their BAD coverage of me. I wonder if it will change – doubt it?”

Trump did not stop at simply taunting the NYT, and their pathetic attempt an an apology.

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Trump blasted their current and continued inaccurate coverage of him…

“The @nytimes states today that DJT believes ‘more countries should acquire nuclear weapons.’ How dishonest are they. I never said this!”

For the record Trump said to the New York Times in March…

“Well I think maybe it’s not so bad to have Japan – if Japan had that nuclear threat, I’m not sure that would be a bad thing for us.”

He also told CNN in March that he would not be alarmed if South Korea and Saudi Arabia got nuclear missiles…“it’s going to happen anyway, it’s only a question of time.”

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