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Trump ditches the press, unexpectedly shows up at his Washington DC Hotel to cheers and applause [Video]

President-elect Donald Trump made a unexpected visit to his own DC hotel, greeted by cheers from those lucky enough to be present when the soon to be US president arrived.

The video below shows the moment Trump made a “surprise appearance at his DC hotel to huge cheers, after ditching the press just 36 hours before the inauguration.”

The soon to be US President also took care of a dinner bill for two guests dining at the hotel.

The Daily Mail UK reports

Donald Trump has already made America great again for two women dining at his DC hotel – by comping their thousand-dollar dinner bill and kissing one of them.

When Jenna Setticasi made the trip from Florida to the nation’s capital to take part in the inauguration celebrations, she may not have expected to get up and close and personal with the president-elect.

But that’s exactly what happened during the software developer’s meal with a friend, Michelle Rosser-Seiz, and her family at the Trump International Hotel in DC.

Trump received a hero’s welcome as he made a sudden surprise visit to his own Washington DC hotel on Wednesday evening.

The triumphant entry came after feigning a drive to the city’s Reagan National airport, then ducking the political press corps before turning around to drive to his own hotel.

But it was a quick stop – he spent just about 30 minutes inside the hotel, including the restaurant BLT Steak, before rushing back off in his motorcade.

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