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Trump crushes Deep State Hillary Clinton hypocrisy in latest twitter tirade

Trump crushes Deep State Hillary Clinton hypocrisy in latest twitter tirade

As the CIA backed Washington Post continues to spread leaks of possible investigations into Trump obstruction, in a blitzkrieg effort to remove Donald Trump from the office of US President, Trump unleashed a twitter truth bomb on the hypocrisy of the entire special counsel investigation, which has morphed from Russian election hacking, to Russian election meddling, to Russian democracy bombs, to the present obstruction of justice.

What is forgotten is how deeply involved Hillary Clinton was in fixing the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders, working with then-AG Lynch to pressure then-FBI director Comey into avoiding using terms such as “investigation” when mentioning Clinton, and of course the usual government server in the basement, BleachBit, hammer to phone antics of Crooked Hillary.

Trump has not forgotten

“Why is that Hillary Clintons family and Dems dealings with Russia are not looked at, but my non-dealings are?”

“Crooked H destroyed phones w/ hammer, ‘bleached’ emails, & had husband meet w/AG days before she was cleared- & they talk about obstruction?”

Zerohedge notes

Of course, he seems to have a point on this one.  Last summer, we reported fairly extensively on the Hillary email scandal while it was virtually glossed over by the mainstream media.

And, like many people, we were astonished when FBI Director Comey made the unilateral assessment that, despite Hillary’s “extreme carelessness,” no “reasonable” prosecutor would bring charges against her. 

Unlike the current “Russia probe” which has revealed precisely zero tangible evidence, the FBI’s own reports from last summer revealed that Hillary and her staff intentionally destroyed official State Department emails despite confirming they were aware of the existence of a federal subpoena demanding the preservation of those emails (we covered it extensively here:  The “Oh Shit” Moment: Hillary Wiped Her Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena).

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