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Trump crushes Hillary Clinton after bizarre Code Conference interview. Hillary replies with “covfefe”

US President Donald Trump did not miss the opportunity to ridicule “Crooked” Hillary, after her bizarre (and very sad) interview at Code Conference, where the former US Presidential candidate went off the deep end in paranoid induced rant explaining how Russia, James Comey, Macedonia, sexism, Facebook and the New York Times all conspired to keep her out of the White House.

Here is Trump’s tweet…

Hillary replied to Trump’s tweet, citing the “covfefe” typo from a previous Trump tweet…

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson succinctly breaks down Clinton’s latest public breakdown, noting how candidate Clinton had no message or agenda…But she does have a theory about a diabolical scheme involving Trump, the Russians, fake news, and why she lost the November election.

Problem is we still have no evidence to back any of Hillary’s countless (and ever growing) claims as to why she lost the US elections.

We have a hunch her laziness, poor messaging, and zero likability played a big part.

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