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Donald Trump apologizes for his “locker room” talk. Hillary blames Russia for her Wall Street leaks

Trump said some dumb stuff ten years ago to Billy Bush in a taped hot mic conversation. Should Trump have said what he did… absolutely no.

Is it the type of lewd talk that 99% of all men and women have when they “pal” around with each other…yeah sure.

Yes women, in private, talk just as much smack as men. Luckily not all of us are hot mic recorded. A lot of the stupid BS that we blurt out amongst friends is recognized as being stupid stuff. Trump was played, recorded without his knowledge, and busted for what he said ten years after the fact.

In a super sensitive, ridiculously politically correct America, Trump will be crucified. In the US it is better to bomb hundreds of thousands of women and children in Syria, Libya, Serbia and Ukraine, than to say the words “try to f**k her”.

But Trump did accept responsibility for what he said and apologized. He took accountability for his actions.

This brings us to Hillary Clinton, who simultaneously had her Wall Street speech transcripts leaked at the same time Trump had his audio leaked.

HRC said things like…“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders”, and in a reference to Bernie Sanders people saying they are a “bucket of losers”.

Hillary also admitted she is “kind of far removed because the life I’ve lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy, but I haven’t forgotten it.”

Unlike Trump, Hillary’s words were not spoken 10 years ago. They were not recorded without her knowledge. She knew that her cozying up to Wall Street would lose her the election, which is why she worked so hard to block the release of the transcripts.

Hillary openly admitted she is two faced by saying she has a “privates and public” persona. She says one thing to the average voter and another to the elite 1%’er.

Hillary did not apologize for what she said. She did not take responsibility for what she said. She has not taken accountability for what she said. Hillary did what Hillary does best…she blamed Russia.

After learning of Trump’s comments to Billy Bush, Hillary tweeted the below…but given the fact that Trump has manned up and taken responsibility for his comments, and Hillary chickened out and went on to blame Russia (fanning the flames of war in the process), tells me exactly who we cannot let be US President.

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