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Tony Blair wants to lead a liberal revolution…by himself

Former British Prime Minister and Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair testifies at a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on "The Middle East; The Road to Peace" on Capitol Hill in Washington, May 14, 2009. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES POLITICS)

Once again, Tony Blair shows the contempt he feels for the people of the United Kingdom and humanity as a whole by dismissing, and downright denying a result of raw democracy.

Blair gives a new meaning to the word ‘”opportunist”: someone who gets there before the opportunity.

First he alludes to a return to politics, at which point the entire nation is heard howling “OH SHUT UP, TONY”.

As if that weren’t dreary enough, he now has the nerve to tell Britain what to do about the current political crisis. It beggars belief.

To state the obvious ugly truth, Tony Blair does not care for democracy and never did.

Brexit is his piggyback ride into the political limelight. He would like to exploit the fact that in home affairs liberalism has been totally killed off as a political force which was self-evident prior to the Brexit vote and irrespective of how the vote would have gone.

Now with both the Remain and Brexit lot thoroughly discredited – the Remainers because they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and the Brexiteers because they did not expect to win and had no tangible plan were they to win – Blair is thinking, should things get worse during the course of discovering what Brexit will look like, he should like to be the leader of a new pro-EU Liberal movement.

It is not difficult to understand what drives this man to persist in this shameless manner.

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn has morally and democratically earned his right to persist, Blair has used and abused the last drop of the goodwill of the British public. So if it is not moral courage, which it clearly isn’t, it must be greed and arrogance that compel Blair to try to attempt a political resurrection.

Tony Blair knows he is hated but he is even more aware that he is articulate.

He is the last liberal standing and given that the Labour Party may split between a socialist and liberal faction, Blair is setting himself up to be the leader of the liberal faction and is banking on the fact that the devil one knows is more bankable than an obscure angel.

In the perverse universe that is Tony Blair’s mind, he thinks that he can combine the unthinkable with the three-fold goal of:

1) Making Britain love Europe

2) Making Europe love Britain

3) Making the World love Blair

Each goal would be more difficult to attain than the preceding.

It remains to be seen how things will transpire. One thing is for sure, however: the older one gets, the more one’s face mirrors one’s soul. Blair’s increasingly withered and vitriolic expression speaks for itself.

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