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To be or not to be the Baltics’ and Poland’s defender

Submitted by Adomas Abromaitis…

Usually, when we speak about the US we keep in mind its might and influence. This country plays one of the main roles in the world politics. It does its best to be the leader. Everybody used to it. Even Americans used to it.

We, Europeans, take its role for granted. Very often Europeans call for the US assistance and help in politics, trade, finance and even on war issues. But at what cost does the US manage to keep its omnipotent image? Do its people deserve the destiny to resolve foreign conflicts, defend foreign countries, finance foreign political projects and so on.

It is interesting that America First become the official foreign policy doctrine of the Trump administration. But Donald Trump’s motto is completely contrary to reality.

According to the Wiki, “America First refers to a foreign policy in the United States that emphasizes American nationalism and unilateralism. It first gained prominence in the inter-war period and was advocated by the America First Committee, a non-interventionist pressure group against the American entry intoWorld War II. Since 2016, an identically-named foreign policy that emphasizes similar objectives has been pursued by the administration of US President Donald Trump.”

The today’s US policy does fit the slogan. In order to bolster the NATO deterrent against possible Russian aggression the US has again been increasing military activity in Europe. That includes stationing four multinational battalion-size battlegroups in four eastern nations of the alliance, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, led respectively by Britain, Canada, Germany and the US. Poland would like also permanent US base (what Polish president Andrzej Duda dubbed “Fort Trump”) as a deterrent to Russia.

The Center of Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), located in Washington, DC, issued in March a report – “Strengthening the Defense of NATO’s Eastern Frontier” ( which supports the idea of US further military involvement.

In the document the experts “offer a new strategy for deterring and, if necessary, defeating Russian aggression against NATO in the Baltic region and make recommendations for enhancing the US forward posture in Europe and improving Poland’s military capabilities and force structure to support this strategy.”

On the one hand, the US increasing its presence in Europe, shows its power and military capabilities. One the other – this is an exceptional case when Europe has reached its goal to feel safe at the expense of others – mainly, the US.

And what about Americans? Do they really feel the need to protect somebody far away from their homeland? Do they need long deployments? Are they proud of being defenders or are they victims of Trump’s ambitions? Who are they in Europe?

European states have become absolutely helpless before their problems and found nothing better than using the US, its money and soldiers. Europe has outwitted the US! Of course, it is much better to deploy in Europe American soldiers in time of war or conflict, than burn natives.

Is the US really aware of the European countries authorities’ plans? Do American soldiers want to be cannon fodder?

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Fly on the Wall
Fly on the Wall
April 9, 2019

Well, Polish generals are now barking that the US should conduct a nuclear first-strike on Russia if it ever marches on Poland. Since the chances of Russia marching on Poland are in my humble opinion less than zero, I see no harm in Polish hot winded scirocco’s blowing across the landscape. Poles are a strange lot.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Fly on the Wall
April 10, 2019

Poles are as dumb as horseshit. What to expect from such a subhuman subzero country. Poland is Europe’s “shithole” country par excellence (to quote dear US President Trump with his exquisite choice of words).

Reply to  Olivia Kroth
February 15, 2020

Well that said it all.No grey areas there LOL.

March 18, 2020

Well the U.S. hasen’t been very good at trying to solve other countries problem with democracy coming from the muzzle of a gun,Korea,Nam the Middle East is more than proof of that,but the truth of the whole matter its simply for control so we can unload all our useless weapons and bleed them dry.!!!

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