Time Magazine goes full Russia hysteria with latest cover

America’s Russia paranoia is consuming the country.

Russian hysteria is reaching a fever pitch and well beyond.

America is collapsing under the weight of a lie Hillary Clinton concocted during her pathetic US election campaign.

The Duran called it in late October in a post by Alexander Mercouris entitled “Hillary Clinton just planted a bomb under American Democracy”, which specifically warns that Hillary Clinton (not Donald Trump and not Vladimir Putin) plans to throw the entire US system into chaos…

By far the most irresponsible and dangerous Hillary Clinton has done is however to accuse a foreign power – Russia – of meddling in the election in order to prevent her winning, and to impose Donald Trump on the American people.

This is dangerous and irresponsible at so many levels that it is difficult to know where to start.

It’s hard to imagine, but also quite appropriate, that a story spun of ‘Hollywood-like’ fantasy, would lead to America’s global embarrassment, while shining a light on a country more concerned with chasing Putin’s shadow rather than fixing its healthcare system, addressing student loans, or dealing with Wall Street corruption.

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Russia’s moral example for the young

Trump is 100% correct, why was Special Counsel never appointed for Obama or Hillary?