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This US Navy Commander and Fox News send out a veiled message to Trump, ‘do not dare seek cooperation with Russia’

Russian aggression. Russian spy ships. Russians moving around missiles. Russian jets buzzing American destroyers.

Listen to this Navy commander spew out deep state propaganda about Russia to Fox News, all in an effort to move President Trump away from finding common ground with Russia…and most importantly ramping up a very lucrative Cold War 2.

The key line to understand what a lying sake of sh** this commander is, and how Fox News is delivering loaded questions…

“Trump administration is being quietly challenged (in many cases not so quietly) by the Russians, and learning that they are not quite the allies that they thought they were.”

They fact that all this “Russian aggression” news is hitting at the exact time when the deep state leaked information to the press in order to force Michael Flynn out of the NSA is no coincidence.

The deep state and military industrial complex is sending Trump a message to not dare seek détente with Russia.

And by the way Fox News…Russia never invaded Georgia and Ukraine. Fake News!

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