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This referendum map of Turkey should have all of the world a bit concerned [Infograph]

Here is a visual breakdown of Erdogan’s victory last weekend, that will grant him unprecedented power in Turkey.

Notice a voting pattern across Turkey?


Here is a summary of the components of the referendum as outlined in this Reddit comment (commenter appears to be from Germany)…

1) The President is not only head of state but also a head of government. The office of the Prime Minister is abolished.

2) The President is no longer party-neutral. The principle of the impartiality of the Presidency is abolished.

3) The President decides on his own by appointing and depositing his deputies. He is also responsible for all ministers, where he can set up and abolish ministries at any time.

4) By means of a decree, the President can issue new legislation without the consent of Parliament.

5) The principle of mistrust of votes is abolished. Parliament’s inquiries can only be submitted in writing to the vice-president or to the ministers who are appointed directly by the President.

6) The President can dissolve Parliament at will.

7) The Minister of Justice is appointed directly by the President, with the Minister of Justice as Chairman also serving as the High Council of Judges and Public Prosecutors.

8) The President elects six out of a total of thirteen members of the High Council. The remaining seven are elected by Parliament. As a deputy/member of parliament, he also has a direct influence on their nomination.

I wonder whether a large part, especially the Turks, who live here in Germany, are at all aware of the content of the constitutional change. My impression is much more that Erdogan has managed to sharpen the decision for or against a constitutional change to the question: Are you Turks or (Fatherland’s) traitors?

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