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Donald Trump is a triumph for the common man over the broken elite

Apart from the fact that that I love the man and all he stands for, I also got a wonderful hit of schadenfreude at all the doomsday scenarios urgently posted across the internet by the mainstream media and political cognoscenti who have seen their cosmopolitan bubble truly burst.

I get it, they’re pissed off. They too have feelings that ought to be recognised. Unfortunately, theirs is not a raw, authentic human anger, but a mechanical passive-aggressive variety with plenty of underlining condescension and a surprising lack of cognitive empathy. Subsequently they inspire neither sympathy nor respect, especially when they bleat, bully and patronize more than any other demographic on earth.

What’s worse is that many are not even aware of how they are. The entitlement and liberal brainwashing is so deeply embedded that, much like an alcoholic with alcohol, it has become part of a larger neurological problem. I wonder just how many generations it would take for this skewed western liberal psyche to repair and re-programme itself back to reality. This attitude was perfectly encapsulated in John Podesta’a advice to dismayed Hillary fans to go home, get some sleep, and wait to hear from the candidate the next day.

They will never admit that the system is warped and shattered, from Wall Street to Hollywood, nor will they ever admit that they created and subsequently derided and ignored millions of angry, disenfranchised and uneducated people with guns that they call “White Trash”. Frankly, if I were them, I too would happily own a gun.

What they don’t realize, or don’t want to, is that they are also insulting other demographics including the working class who have been put out of good jobs by globalisation and bad trade deals, those tired of political dynasties, black voters tired of democratic carrots and sticks and also tired of illegal Latinos taking over their communities. Others who don’t want Muslim terrorists in America, people who want an end to crooked free trade, those who want a fairer tax system, those who’ve been ripped off by Obama Healthcare whilst getting considerably worse treatments, and many, many more.

Neo-liberals truly do not care for humanity or culture, much less democracy. They believe their Harvard degrees are sufficient to make them above being a decent human being. They believe their ideas, beliefs, tastes are superior and therefore feel entitled to criticize anyone who doesn’t share the same views. They capitalize on the sick, the poor and the twisted, be it through wars, buying Marina Abramovich’s perverted non-art or attending weekly therapy for the rest of their lives. They mock expression and applaud suppression which leads to emotional and psychological arrest and subsequently an inability to deal with every-day living in a natural, healthy manner. When therapy hasn’t helped, they blame the therapist.

Donald Trump is the antithesis of all the above. He is expressive, natural, and hates perversion. He lives like a King and unlike Hillary, he loves America and can truly relate to all people – not just the common man. He’s good fun with a gift for comradeship, and intelligent without being anally retentive. And most of all, he loves peace and is accepting of human folly. We ought to be grateful that he has reminded us that human silliness is not to be derided, but rejoiced.

What’s there not to like?

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