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A simple breakdown of the Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer (Video)

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigns thought each other was working with the Russians to sabotage each others campaigns.

The level of Russian hysteria is ridiculous, and reaching dangerous levels.

What the Donald Trump Jr. hysteria proves is how surreal the entire “Russiagate” propaganda has become.

So let’s break down the Donald Trump Jr., “scandal” in simple terms, before America’s liberal left makes talking to Russians a “treasonous” act.

A publicists PR friend from the UK emailed Trump Jr. to say his client had damaging information about an opponent.

This makes Donald Trump Jr., guilty of treason?

If so, then that would mean all of Washington DC and the entire US lobbyist establishment is guilty of treason. It would mean that Hillary Clinton is guilty of treason 100 times over. Let’s not forget that the HRC campaign and the DNC did collude with Ukraine to smear Trump the candidate.

What was the damaging information supposedly offered by this Russian lawyer about Hillary Clinton in the email from the UK PR rep.?

“Official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.”

The Russian lawyer is in record saying that the ONLY question Trump Jr., asked her was…

“Whether the DNC had received illegal funding from Russia.”

The Trump campaign thought the Hillary campaign was working with Russia. Meanwhile the Hillary campaign was crafting their Trump-Russia collusion plan B.

Let’s not even get into the logic that the liberal left is adamant that Trump and Putin were working so closely together to derail Hillary that some sort of treasonous collusion occurred, yet the only way the Trump campaign could come into contact with the Kremlin is through a lawyer who has no connection to the Kremlin, all via a UK based entertainment publicist.

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