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4 French presidential candidates who will grant asylum to Assange and Snowden should they win

French election citizenship or asylum for Assange and Snowden.

As the United States and the Trump Administration make moves to arrest Assange, a handful of candidates, vying to lead France in the upcoming French Presidential elections, have vowed to give Assange and Snowden asylum and even French citizenship.

If any of these 4 candidates does win the French election, then it would be very interesting to see if they follow through on their pledge, and how this will infuriate the US deep state as it continues to hunt for the scalps of Assange and Snowden.

These 4 French presidential candidates have all vowed to give Assange and/or Snowden citizenship or asylum….

1. Melenchon…


2. Le Pen…

3. Asselineau…


4. Hamon…


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