This is how a stupid person argues against the US and Russia working together to fight terrorism (Video)

Hysterical Democrats have been complaining about Russia and Trump’s alleged coziness with the Russians when the real enemies are radical Islamic terrorists.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson explored why Democrats are whining about Russia, when it is clear as day that ISIS and radical Islamic terror is the true enemy of the United States…an enemy shared between the US and Russia.

Carlson invited the dumbest of dumb commentators to discuss a topic of great importance.

What we got from the conversation was more uneducated hysteria about Russia invading Ukraine after Victoria Nuland’s neo-nazi coup, annexing Crimea in the form of a democratically held elections to join the Russian federation, and bombing US supported “moderate rebels” (aka Al Qaeda – ISIS) in Syria who would have brought peace and Democracy to the region…much like in Libya [sarcasm].

Regardless of the useful idiot in the video below, Tucker maintains that a logical person would conclude that the United States should be teaming with Russia to fight a common enemy.

We agree with Tucker 100% and so should American and the EU.

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