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This chart exposes how terrorism has become a 16 year nightmare for citizens of western Europe

Britain suffered its worst terrorist attack since 2005. This last year has seen a spike of terror attacks plague western Europe.

Terrorism has become a 16 year reality for much of Europe. Hats off to the EU for managing to keep Europe unsafe.



Via The Economist

ON MARCH 22nd, exactly one year after a series of suicide bombings killed 32 civilians in Brussels, a terrorist attacked central London. The British-born man drove a car along the pavement across Westminster Bridge, killing at least two people and leaving around 40 injured. He then entered the grounds of Parliament, the heart of Britain’s democracy, and fatally stabbed an unarmed policeman before being shot dead. This “marauding” method of terror attack—using a vehicle to mow people down in a crowded area—was similar to atrocities carried out by Islamists last year in France and Germany. It was the deadliest terrorist attack London has suffered since the Tube and bus bombings of 2005. Many other western European countries have suffered similar jihadist attacks in the past 16 years.

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