These sexy T-Shirts honor Vladimir Putin, but will anger liberal left PC snowflakes

Innovative Putin T-Shirts that will make liberal snowflakes go ballistic.

PC liberal left snowflakes will find more reasons to become unhinged when Russia is mentioned.

Normal folks, who enjoy a good laugh and love to see a country embrace a President who is a global brand will find the sexy pics of Putin’s supporters all in good fun.





Via The NY Post

A patriotic youth group called Project Set launched the drive to score points for Putin ahead of next year’s presidential election.

Some bosom-baring shirts expose the cleavage through a love heart that Putin holds in his cupped hands. Others allow the boobs to appear through a cutout of his profile.

“Putin is a long-term famous brand and not just a politician,” said designer lya Sadalskikh. “Just a portrait of the president on a T-shirt is not surprising anymore.

“Many young designers who are working in the field of patriotic fashion are looking for their own unique angle or a fresh idea,” he added. “We think we have found one. Time and demand will prove if we are right or not.”

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