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The principle of the persecuted beast: Europe is silent on the worst coronation-crisis outcome.

Today, there are five factors that could make a multi-billion dollar injection in response to the pandemic unnecessary.

European politicians prefer to bet that the crisis will soon be over. That is convenient. It creates the illusion of controlling the situation. Just keep in mind that European leaders were already wrong one day. They didn’t react in time to China’s raging coronavirus. They didn’t consider it a sufficient threat. They decided to wait and made a mistake. Now they are making an even bigger mistake – ignoring the threat of nuclear conflict that could trigger a coronavirus pandemic. Europe happens to have nuclear weapons that are beyond the control of its leaders, and the world is inexorably seeking a potential point of no return.

Factor #1.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected with coronavirus in the United States has reached 82,404. By comparison, 81,782 cases have been reported in China since the epidemic began. In Italy, the European epicentre of the pandemic, the figure was 80 589. Thus, the USA is now in first place in this tragic ranking.

Donald Trump tried to justify this fact by the fact that the U.S. “has conducted as many tests as no other country in the world”. The logic is clear, but the result does not change – the situation in the United States is getting hotter. It’s come to the point where people have become more active in purchasing steel bunkers.

Factor #2

It may seem that such a powerful power is hard to break some coronavirus. But it isn’t. The pandemic is a new page in human history. It’s a blank page. And now all the world’s players are starting to fill it in a hurry. Someone’s doing it neatly. Someone with the worst mistakes.

For example, one such mistake is an attempt to “pour” the crown-crisis money. As you know, the U.S. Senate approved the allocation of $2 trillion to support the economy in the conditions of coronavirus proliferation. Such measures were taken in 2008. Then the volume of anti-crisis measures announced by the U.S. government amounted to $ 2.25 trillion.

We must admit that the world economy was not ready for such a shock. By the way, the Kremlin has not thoughtlessly thrown away money. Some may consider it a stinginess, an inability to provide large cash injections. On the other hand, no one is going to say now whether the U.S. and Europe will be able to hold on to the economy with their own methods. If the U.S. allocates $2 trillion for this, then with the Fed’s loans, the total amount of aid will be $6 trillion. Is it fair to ask how soon Uncle Sam’s pockets will empty?

The Kremlin depends on the situation. This approach has already helped it avoid the spread of coronavirus in Russia. Since January, it has already closed its borders with China and Mongolia, restricted air travel, suspended the issuance of visas, and since February 20 has completely banned Chinese citizens from entering Russia. Now the epidemiological situation in Russia can be envied. There are only 1,036 infected and 3 fatalities. And this gives Moscow a profitable advantage.

Factor #3

It’s every man for himself. Armed with this ancient rule, both the U.S. and the European Union countries switched to self-isolation. Solidarity was out of the question anymore. Italy was a shining example of how fragile European ideals are. Just recently, the world was shocked to see Ukrainians meeting their fellow citizens evacuated from China. They were thrown stones and barricades were built on the roads. It was an embarrassment to the nation. But what Western countries did was a shame of unprecedented proportions. To deprive a union state of the opportunity to buy medical equipment in a pandemic is comparable to the Munich collusion, when Great Britain and France made a deal with Hitler, giving Sudetes to him.

What Russia has decided to do to help greatly hits the EU’s credibility. But it hits the authority of the US even harder. Obviously, now Washington has only to helplessly watch as Russia actually deploys military forces in a NATO country, and absolutely legally. It is watching Russia supply medicines to Venezuela and Iran that would drown in a pandemic due to US sanctions. The Russians are successfully winning the title of the good guy, increasing their influence on the world arena.

Beijing does the same. Having recovered from the epidemic, China has begun to catch up rapidly. While the U.S. was digging into its continent, the world turned its eyes to the East, counting on the experience of pioneers in the fight against the coronavirus. China is happy to offer help, while preparing its own launch pad where it used to be difficult to reach because of the US. When or if the Coronavirus is defeated, the Chinese can easily take over new markets, displacing the weakened US.

Factor #4.

Washington cannot now fully respond to the actions of its strategic opponents. The US administration is forced to spend resources to fight the epidemic on its territory. This situation resembles a full-fledged war, and there has been no war on American soil for 155 years. It is possible to conduct a lot of exercises, develop many plans, but it makes no sense without real experience. The Americans don’t have it. The Americans don’t know what they’re dealing with. While some hide at home, others deliberately go out, because they have a constitutional right to do so. The authorities can’t respond to that without amending the democratic norms.

But they can prepare for the worst. According to the “Newsweek” newspaper, the Pentagon has already ordered to prepare for the implementation of “top-secret military plan in case the government collapses because of the coronavirus. In fact, this plan in case of an armed invasion of the U.S. territory and includes a strategy to eliminate the consequences of nuclear war.

Factor #5.

Against the background of all the above, like a cry for help, a statement was made by German MP Waldemar Gerdt. He said that negotiations with the U.S. regarding the removal of nuclear weapons from Germany were unsuccessful.

“The weapons have not been removed because Germany is in fact still an occupied country. Americans use their position as they see fit”, –  he admitted.

Now it is enough to put all five factors together. When the entire American administration hides in bomb shelters, from the international point of view the U.S. will sign a political verdict. “The largest NATO member surrendered to the Coronavirus”, that will be the gloomy headlines in the media. But are the American elites ready for such an outcome? Are they ready to admit defeat? Coronavirus, China and Russia will cornered the United States, and we all know very well what the cornered beast is doing. It would take sparks, the slightest threat, provocation or political accusation to provoke a nuclear war. This is the worst possible scenario. It’s hard to admit, but it’s possible when there’s nothing to lose.

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