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The Duran’s Peter Lavelle goes on The Jimmy Dore Show: Connects the dots between Ukraine, Manafort and Russiagate (Video)

Exposing more mainstream media lies.

The Duran’s Peter Lavelle was on The Jimmy Dore show discussing mainstream media’s reporting on RT, Russia, Ukraine, Syria and much more.

There is a lot to unpack in the nearly 40 minute interview, with Peter and Jimmy connecting the dots between the false ‘Russiagate’ narrative and Paul Manafort’s lobbying activities in Ukraine.

At one point during the discussion, Jimmy Dore is a bit taken aback, as he listens intently to Peter Lavelle run through the real story behind Yanukovych’s presidency in Ukraine, and Paul Manafort’s work within that administration, aimed at bringing Ukraine closer to Europe, and ultimately cleaning up some “dirty” oligarch money.

Manafort’s Ukraine lobbying efforts would become a key pillar in Mueller’s special counsel investigation into the 18 month long Tump-Russia collusion witch-hunt.

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