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The amazing image of a terrorist fireball in Belgium’s railway station

Eyewitness Remy Bonnaffe captured the image of a terrorist fireball in Brussels’ central train station. The image captured the moment a terrorist detonated a suspected suicide bomb inside the station.

Remy Bonnaffe was walking through rail terminal when he heard  an explosion. The 23-year-old lawyer captured the image on his mobile device.

Bonnaffee told Belgian channel HLN…

“Everybody started running.

“And then there was popping a series, I suspect gunshots.

“Obviously I ran out, and many people fled inside the Hilton [Hotel].”

“I think we had some luck tonight. I’m happy that no one was injured and that this was basically a failed attempt.”

The extraordinary image captured by Remy Bonnaffe of the attempted suicide bombing. (Photo: Twitter/@remybonnaffe/via REUTERS)

No one appeared to be injured in the attack, as the bomb caused minor damage to the train station. Belgium prosecutors are treating the incident as an attempted terror attack.

One witness reported hearing a man screaming “Allahu akbar!” during the firebomb, though Belgium police would not confirm this account.

The Mirror UK reports

Authorities later confirmed a suspect detonated “a relative small device” in Brussels Central Station at around 8.30pm local time.

He was then “neutralised” by armed police who responded.

“The attacker was shot several times, and it appears that he triggered a device,” a source said.

There were some reports of the suspect having worn a suicide belt although that has yet to be confirmed.

Emergency services were deployed but police immediately said the situation was under control with no casualties.

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