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Tel Aviv, Israel is only country to light up city in Russian flag colors (Video)

Tel Aviv, Israel is only country to light up city in Russian flag colors (Video)

In times of great tragedy, you realize who truly has your back.

And while many readers have taken very polarized positions on the Russia-Israel relationship, one cannot deny that after the terrorist attack on the St. Petersburg metro, no other city decided to honor those Russian citizens murdered by terrorists, except for the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv authorities lit up the city hall with the white, blue and red colors of the Russian flag, as a show of solidarity with the 14 people killed in St. Petersburg.

No expression of solidarity was shown in the European cities that often display such gestures when other nations suffer similar attacks.

Paris, Berlin, London…no landmark or monument was lit up in remembrance of St. Petersburg.

The Eiffel Tower…nothing…

Germany’s Brandenburg Gate, which has a history of morphing into the flag of nations hit by terrorism remained as is.

According to Berliner-Zeitung, a senate speaker from the German press agency said Brandenburg Gate would not have the Russian flag colors because St. Petersburg is not a partner city of Berlin, and “exceptions should only be made in exceptional cases.”

The Duran readers: How does this make you feel?

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