Take a tour of the Russian President’s office courtesy of Vladimir Putin (Video)

Vladimir Putin gives Oliver Stone a tour of his many offices.

The Russian President works from three different offices in the Kremlin.

Oliver Stone is given a tour of the offices during his interview with Vladimir Putin for his Showtime special.

In one of the offices, Stone is pleased to find of his book residing on the Russian President’s press desk.

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June 15, 2017

Stone accidentally finds his own book !
LOL, Of course it was staged, and of course Stone knows it was staged, but the charm is that the Kremlin staff went to the effort to surprise and flatter him. That’s a lot of respect. No wonder Stone fell under the spell that is VVP.

Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly
Reply to  Simon
June 15, 2017


Alexander Seredin
Alexander Seredin
Reply to  Simon
June 15, 2017

I do not think so. I bet Putin has read the book before Stone came. Putin is not an illiterate Trump.

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