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Swiss authorities shut border to migrants, who are now stuck in Italy’s Lake Como resort

300 to 500 migrants have been returned from Switzerland to the Italian resort town of Lake Como, better known as the residence of A-list actor George Clooney…who coincidently is a die hard Hillary Clinton supporter.

Hillary Clinton is all to eager to start a full on war in Syria at the behest of her Saudi Arabian masters (who are also very large Clinton Foundation donors). Add it all up, and a Hillary Presidency would mean a huge increase in refugees entering Europe…and Lake Como.

Italian authorities are now setting up a tent city in the town to house the migrants, while tourists visiting Lake Como are forced to step over migrants at the train stations and other locales.

Lake Como residents expressed their concern over the growing numbers of migrants camping out while looking to slip over the border into Switzerland.


For their part, Swiss authorities have shut their border to refugees, forcing men, women and children to effectively be stuck in the Italian town.

In June, migrants were able to board a train in Lake Como and cross the border into Switzerland to seek refuge and asylum (photos courtesy The Daily Mail)…











The Daily Mail reports…

Switzerland’s executive branch on Wednesday announced plans to step up processing of asylum requests, building on a referendum result amid a growing backlog of African migrants trying to enter from Italy – many hoping to pass through to reach Germany.

The Federal Council set October 1 for the first phase of legal reforms aimed to speed up processing of asylum-seekers, after two-thirds of Swiss voters accepted the plan in a summer referendum.

Federal officials will also boost monitoring of asylum-request rejections by Switzerland’s largely independent regions, which could face penalties in case of violations.

Switzerland’s southern region of Ticino has seen a surge of migrants in recent months from neighboring Italy.

In recent weeks, many would-be migrants into Switzerland were sent back to Italy for trying to enter without proper papers or not making formal asylum requests.

Italian authorities have approved a tent camp to house an estimated 300 to 500 migrants who have camped out at the train station in Como after being returned from Switzerland.

Starting in mid-September, a city-owned parking lot near the local cemetery will host 50 pre-fabricated modules and showers, bathrooms and a small health clinic to accommodate people temporarily, prefect Bruno Corda said in a news conference broadcast on television.

Finance Minister Ueli Maurer, who also heads the border guards, denied last week the border guards weren’t letting migrants apply for asylum. He insisted the guards were applying the law.

In July, Swiss authorities expelled 4,149 people, a figure nearly four times greater than the previous monthly high since 2014. Most were Eritreans, while many others were from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Gambia. Border guard spokesman Attila Lardori said over 60 percent had expressed a desire to pass through Switzerland to reach Germany.

Last week, German Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere told Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper that German officials had counted over 1,300 illegal arrivals from Switzerland between July 1 and August 19 by migrants who had first arrived in Italy.

Unlike Germany and Italy, Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, but has open borders with the bloc.


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