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Sweden will stamp out female groping and rape by making migrant men sign a “set of values” contract

Ever since Merkel’s migrant plan to flood Europe with low earning Middle East/North African refugees sprung into effect, EU member states have seen a drastic uptick in reported sex-related crimes.

Sweden, with it’s sensitive PC culture, and low ‘barrier to entry’ migrant resettlement policy, stood by as it’s local women went through a summer filled with rape, groping and grabbing, at the hands of Merkel’s migrants.

No where were the sexual migrant misdeeds more prevalent than at the very popular, and very packed, Sweden summer music festivals.

Sweden’s liberal left, politically correct, government officials tried to stem the abuse by issuing anti-grabbing ‘Don’t touch me’ bracelets and girls-only zones. All of these stupid ideas failed miserably.

Now Sweden is ready to implement a set of new ideas to fightback the gropers…value system contracts and floodlights.

Sputnik News reports

To visit next year’s edition of the popular Bråvalla Festival in the city of Norrköping, one will have to sign a document accepting the festival’s set of values. Remarkably, the value system contract will be signed by festival-goers, personnel and even artists alike, to eliminate the very possibility of crime. This is part of the preventive work against rape and sex crimes, which flourished at summer festivals in 2016. By their own admission, the festivals’ organizers FKP Scorpio were previously not specifically clear about their core values.

SKP Scorpio marketing manager Niklas Westergren told Swedish national broadcaster SVT

“What we want is for people to be able to visit this festival and feel safe and secure.”

Pelle Ullholm, sex educator at RFSU told SVT…

“Unfortunately, there is no ‘quick fix’ to the problem, as young people from other parts of Sweden than Norrköping are obviously coming to the festival.”

We are certain that requiring horny migrants (lusting after Swedish girls) sign a contract of values, will stamp out any desire to grope and grab. If all else fails, Swedish authorities will have floodlights ready to provide the failsafe.

Together with Norrköping Municipality and the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RSFU), the festival organizers intend to step up security measures, including floodlights to ensure that no area remains dark.

Additionally, the festival organizers and RFSU personnel plan to meet school-kids aged 16-18 to talk about sex and the importance of consent. The idea of this preventive effort is to engage with all teenagers in Norrköping over the course of the next three years “lest anything should happen.”

Dozens of incidents of sexual harassment and rape have been reported at We Are Sthlm in the past years, with the same problem plaguing other summer festivals as well and many of victims being underage. According to the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, information on sex-related violence during summer festivals was withheld on purpose, due to concern for the reputation of the events.

Later, police admitted that most of the suspects were young males of immigrant background or refugees, yet refrained from publicizing the assaults for fears of inflaming the already infected political debate about Sweden’s immigration policy and immigrant crime.

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