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This Super Bowl ad about Mexican immigrants was deemed too controversial

84 Lumber’s carefully crafted Super Bowl ad – at $5 million per 30 seconds – follows a young Mexican girl and her mother who are trying to crossover into America illegally — traveling in the back of a flatbed truck with other Mexicans and a pig, in a boxcar train, and by foot. Along the way, the girl collects little scraps of fabric and plastic and even asks fellow compatriots for some water.

The commercial that aired during the game was initially rejected, and was edited to end with the mother and daughter still in transit — a cliffhanger. However, when viewers went to the lumber company’s website, they could see the full, nearly six-minute-long spot.

Here is the full ad, which includes the portion Fox deemed too controversial to air during the Super Bowl:

As they approach a massive, seemingly impenetrable border wall, the mother’s face is stricken with despair. To add to the dramatics, the little girl then reaches into her backpack and pulls out a small, tattered American flag, made with all those scraps she had been picking up. It seems like it’s the end of the line, but as they walk along the wall, the two Mexican immigrants find a big, beautiful door (as Trump would say) — made from wood supplied by 84 Lumber.

The ad finishes with them walking through the door, overlaid with the message: “The will to succeed is always welcome here.” – a mantra that most hard-working Americans can get behind and solidifies President Trump’s Great Wall.

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